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Cultures Urbaines



Your access to local fruits and vegetables at Hodge-Place Benoît!

 the  Project

Le projet


Cultures Urbaines is a community-based fruit and vegetable distribution project with two complementary objectives. Firstly, the initiative aims to improve access to fresh produce in poorly served by markets and grocery stores areas of Saint-Laurent.

Secondly, we aim to reduce food waste. In order to do this, Cultures Urbaines recuperates urban agriculture's food that would have been lost otherwise. 

distributing Fruits and vegetables in Saint-Laurent

Some areas of Saint-Laurent are considered as food desert since they lack any king of access to fresh produce due to being underserved by grocery stores, markets and other types of food stores. Part of Cultures Urbaines mission is to adress the issue of food desert areas. In order to support the sector's residents desire to eat healthily, Cultures Urbaines operates fruit and vegetables markets at Hogde and Place Benoit  corner.

Le concept


Cultures Urbaines offers different sales formats to meet a maximum of the citizen's need. Find the one that best fits your needs below!

Bicycle distribution

In order to promote active transportation, all fruits and vegetables transitioning between their production sites, supplies and sales outlets will be done by bike.

Economic Baskets 


Order a economic basket online and get a discount on all the products of your choice at our market!


 Low price bulk fruits and vegetables 

Come and shop for vegetables at the Hodge-Place Benoit markets. You will find, amongst others, the products from Les Serres du Dos Blanc  cooperative.


Homemade prepared products


You will also find canned food of our excess fruits and vegetables at the markets. This is the product of our partnership with the Fourmi Verte organization.

Structure citoyenne

Citizen-based structure

Why create a citizen-based structure ?


Being part of our daily life, food can unify a community. Furthermore, actively participating in a local food system can broaden your vision concerning food and nutrition. It could enable a better understanding of your food choices and empowerment. 
For these reasons, VertCité wants  Cultures Urbaines to be developed
by and for the community. Why we are then proposing a structural organisation based on the active participation of its members to further develop the project. The more people get involved, the more we will see effective change within these food desert sectors.  

Why becoming a member?

Profit from a 10 %  reduction on  all your purchases 

Participate in a collective project with your fellow citizens and contribute to the life of your community ! 

Participate in the strategic plannig of a project for your community!


The membership for Cultures Urbaines is free !

why engage yourself ?

To benefit from a 10 % reduction on all your purchases, Cultures Urbaines members have to give 5 hours of their time every month. Every member is then contributing to the  success of the project and allows the continued delivery of competitive 
 prices and high quality produce.  The implication can be done at different levels, depending on the personnal interests of each one. 





Nos produits

Produits & fournisseurs

Products & Providers

our products

Both our economic baskets and bulk products are all composed of fresh and first quality fruits and vegetables. We are offering a wide variety of fresh seasonal products as well as fruits and vegetables for your daily meals. Finally, as we are conscious of the environmental and social issues, we also offer local and organic products

our providers

Our products come from different providers:

  - The cooperative Les Serres du Dos Blancs : thanks to four greenhouses located behind the cégep Saint-LaurentLes Serres du Dos Blancs have the organic certification and produces organic tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, garlic and beans.

  - Botsis Fruits et Légumes : This food wholesaler specialized in fruits and vegetables is situated in the Hodge-Place Benoît sector. They do their best to offer Québec provider's product. 

  - Community gardens : The citizen's harvest may be more productive then the owner can eat. The excess vegetables can be recuperated, and distributed to the community.

Notre équipe

who are we?


our team


Chargé.e de projet



The Cultures Urbaines initiative is the result of collaborations between several laurentian organizations and aspires to be supported by and for the community.

Cultures Urbaines is currently being developed by the non-profit organization VertCité, already actively involved in community and school gardens in the Laurentian territory. Supported by its partners, VertCité ensures the implementation and management of the project. Following the launch of the project in spring 2019, all the actors involved will work to promote citizen engagement. Come visit our website in spring 2019 to learn how to get involved.

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