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The NPO La Fourmi Verte believes that our current food system is flawed, as it leads to numerous shortcomings which affect us all. We attempt to mend some of those through the activities we involve ourselves in. Through relationships with local food banks, community centres, and local food retailers and producers, we’ve been able to prevent about 10,000 Kg of food from ending up in landfills in our first year of operation. Looking forward, we intend to concentrate more on educating youth in schools about food. We hope that by teaching them about waste, cooking, and food production, we can instill in them a greater understanding and appreciation towards food which will lead to a healthier relationship between our future generations and our food system.


Cultures Urbaines Local Markets

The community-based project Cultures Urbaines will open local markets in the Hodge-Place Benoit sector and near Du Collège metro station in the spring of 2019. You will find, among other things, vegetables from laurentian urban agriculture as well as exotic products.


Our hyperlocal concept gives the residents an access to organic fruits and vegetables produced in our greenhouses located behind the CEGEP of Saint-Laurent. Become a member of the co-op to receive 20% off products and to support this community project.


Cultures Urbaines markets

The Cultures Urbaines markets have started recently.  During all summer, you can come and buy your fruits and vegetables for the week. We will be every tuesdays at place Benoît and thursdays at the Poirier park.


Other food security


The following map shows the various food security organizations in the Saint-Laurent borough. For more information, visit the website of the Comité des Organismes Sociaux de Saint-Laurent.


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